Your Health Partnership shortlisted for award at Queen’s Nursing Institute Annual Conference 2019

Your Health Partnership shortlisted for award at Queen’s Nursing Institute Annual Conference 2019

  • Posted by Tom Finan
  • On 20th September 2019

For many years now YHP has been involved in providing clinical support to a number of community based beds that are for patients who are medically fit for discharge from hospital but are not yet ready to return to their own homes. These are known as Enhanced Asssessment Beds or EAB.

There are a number of different reasons for patients to find themselves in one of these beds however it was recognised that a number of patients were simply waiting for a referral to a memory clinic due to suspected dementia – if these patients could get a quicker assessment and the care that they needed, it would free up the bed for the next patient.

Tim Hebbert, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and the EAB Lead for Your Health Partnership takes up the story.

‘The Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020 requires that all patients have equal access to a memory clinic. Patients who have a delayed discharge from hospital risk further delay in being referred to a memory clinic.

I developed the EAB Dementia Pathway so that these patients could have a timely assessment and subsequent dementia diagnosis, ultimately giving them access to appropriate care and support. This allows them to be placed in a permanent appropriate setting, avoiding further unnecessary delay.

The pathway is comprised of a patient history, physical examination, blood test and a combined cognitive assessment. The most important part of this is the patient history, which is really just a nice long chat with the patient, their family and carers, talking about any worries they have had about their memory or the memory of their loved ones.’

At the invitation of the Queen’s Nursing Institute, on Monday 23rd September Tim and his wife Rachael who is also an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at YHP and a Queen’s Nurse, will be travelling to the QNI’s annual conference in London to present the EAB Dementia Pathway as an academic poster.

Academic poster detailing the new Dementia Pathway

From all the team at YHP we’d like to wish them the very best of luck!

If you or someone you know has been affected by Dementia, there are number of fantastic local organisations that can offer support: