We are making a change to our appointment system

We are making a change to our appointment system

We are making a change to our appointment system

  • Posted by Tom Finan
  • On 30th August 2022

From 12th September 2022, we are changing our appointment system to better help our patients to access the care they need.

We are introducing an online system, called Anima, where patients can access care by telling us more about the problem they have and how they would like the practice to help.

Submitting an online request will be quick to complete and will ensure that clinicians have all the information they need to process your request in a fast and efficient manner. For medical problems, we will ask you a series of questions about the problem so that our clinical team can quickly decide the best way to help you. 

Please rest assured that our telephone lines will remain open for any patients who cannot access Anima online. If you contact the practice by telephone, our team will use the Anima tool to capture the same information as if you had gone online. People who cannot contact us online or by telephone may visit the practice reception where a member of our team will gather the same information in person.

All requests, whether received online, via phone or face to face will be treated in exactly the same way, assessed by the same team, strictly in order of clinical urgency.

We therefore ask that everyone who is able to contact us online does so in order to make space on the telephone lines and in reception for people who can only use these channels. 

The Anima site can be found on our website www.yhp.org.uk – please use this channel from 12th September 2022.

For urgent medical queries and emergencies which cannot wait for the practice to respond, please do continue to call 111 or go to your closest hospital emergency department.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sending text messages to all our patients inviting them to register to use Anima. This will show on your phone as being from GP-ANIMA; follow the link to register for your account. If you will be sending requests on behalf of someone else (a dependent) e.g. your child, you can add them to your account at the time of registering.


I am already registered to use online services; can I still book appointments or order my repeat medication this way?
You will not be able to book appointments however you can still request your regular medication using our existing online services.

Do I have to register every time I want to submit a request?       

No, once you are registered with Anima, you can log in to your account to submit a new request. If you are submitting a request on behalf of someone else e.g., a relative or a child, you can also continue submitting a request without registering.

I have submitted a request and I haven’t been contacted yet. Do I need to do anything?    

No, please wait to be contacted. You can check the status of any request in your Anima account.  All requests will be dealt with strictly in order of clinical urgency.

Can I submit one request with multiple different queries?                                                        

No, you must select the appropriate request tile for each query. If you put multiple queries (e.g. repeat prescriptions, a health problem and an admin query) into one request then this could delay our response. If you submit a prescription query, you should list all the medication you require within one request. The Anima software will allow you to submit up to three active queries at once.

Can I access my medical records through Anima?                                                                           

No, Anima is only used to contact the surgery. You can access your medical records using the NHS App.

Where can I get more information?
Speak to a member of our team or use the button below to send your question to us directly.