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Common Cold

How to treat and when you should see your GP


How to treat and when you should see your GP


How to treat and when you should see your GP

Sore Throat

How to treat, common causes and when to seek advice

Diarrhoea and Vomiting

Dos and don’ts

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Minor Ailments Service

Ask your Pharmacist:

If you have one of the conditions listed below – your pharmacist can provide advice and treatment for most people, without you needing to see a doctor first.

The interactive map shows the pharmacies across Sandwell and West Birmingham that are part of this scheme – As this is an NHS service, the consultation is free – you can zoom in and out, and click on the icons for contact information and to get directions.

If the pharmacist agrees that you need medicines, they will be provided free of charge for people who get free prescriptions.

Earache, Pain, Headache. High TemperatureAthletes FootBites, Stings and Allergies
Cold soresCold and FluConstipation
CystitusDiarrhoeaDry skin (simple Eczema)
Dermatitis/Allergic type rashesEaracheEarwax
HayfeverHeartburn and IndigestionHaemorrhoids
Infant DecongestantMouth Ulcers and TeethingNappy Rash
Oral ThrushScabiesSore Throat
Sprains and strainsSunburnThreadworm
Vaginal thrushWarts and Verruca's