Sandwell Healthy Minds Service

Sandwell Healthy Minds Service

  • Posted by yhpgroup
  • On 9th October 2019

Sandwell Healthy Minds Service incorporates a primary care talking therapy service for patients with common mental health problems. The IAPT Service delivers a range of NICE-approved talking therapies including CBT and counselling. These are delivered individually and in groups. The service offers specialist provision for South Asian, African Caribbean and deaf service users. In addition, digital online therapy will also be available.

Additionally, the service has a Complex Needs Team who engage those with complex social needs. Link workers and specialist therapists deliver therapeutic and wellbeing interventions including a specialist maternal wellbeing service.

The service has a pathway into a wide range of group provision delivered under the governance of the Recovery College. The Recovery College offers a wide range of educational courses to help individuals build lives. Courses are designed to destination and are aimed at assisting individuals to gain knowledge in a range of areas and to make links with local communities, employment, education and all other opportunities. Courses are all coproduced by people with lived and professional experience, focusing on strengths and building skills. Students can self-enrol by contacting the Recovery College for an enrolment form.

Hours of operation:
Sandwell Healthy Minds hours of operation will be Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

Recovery College hours of operation will be Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm.

Who is it for:
The service is for the population of Sandwell, including those registered with a Sandwell GP who live outside of the borough. The provision is for those aged 16 and over.

The IAPT element of the service is to provide a provision in primary care mental health that support patients with:
o Depression
o Anxiety
o Phobias
o Life adjustment issues, including loss of relationship, health, employment
o Stress
o Post-natal depression
o Bereavement
o Developmental or life crises
o Coping and adjusting to injury or illness
o Self-image and identity issues
o Relationship difficulties
o Long term physical health issues which impact on wellbeing including chronic pain, COPD, diabetes, heart conditions, and irritable bowel syndrome.

In addition to the inclusion criteria above, people with complex social needs will be actively engaged in the Complex Needs Service via link workers.
In addition, the group provision will follow a recovery model and will be delivered in venues across the borough.

The service is not a crisis or emergency service and does not have CPN or psychiatry input. Please continue to refer to a Single Point of Access (SPOR) for moderate to severe mental health issues and for those at risk.

Referral Pathway:
The Sandwell Healthy Minds Service receives referrals from GPs and other clinicians involved in the patient care. In addition, service users can refer themselves to the service. Professional referrals are received via email, post or telephone. Alternatively, professionals can advise patients to self-refer.

The phone number for the service is: 0303 033 9903