Working to develop a sustainable primary care organisation that delivers high quality, safe care in the most efficient and holistic manner to improve the health outcomes of YHP's patients whilst being an employer of choice within the healthcare sector
About Your Health Partnership
Your Health Partnership is a single GP Practice covering seven sites across Sandwell; Lyndon Primary Care Centre, Mace Street Clinic, Oakham Surgery, Regis Medical Centre, Rowley Village Surgery, Great Bridge Medical Centre and Whiteheath Medical Centre.

In 2011 Carters Green Medical Centre and Regis Medical Centre came together with the aim of creating a new way of organising General Practice, moving away from the traditional single practice approach and building a larger GP-led organisation to make better use of resources and increase the range of services on offer to our patients.

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Later that year, YHP became a Primary Care Home site; a new model of care created by the National Association of Primary Care which introduced us to the principle of creating a complete care community – drawn from colleagues across mental and acute Trusts, local authority, social care and the voluntary sector to name but a few – to focus on local population needs; an approach which continues today.
Primary Care Network
Further successful mergers with Oakham Surgery and Whiteheath Medical Centre, allowed us the freedom to start building our services around the needs of our registered population and in 2017, we merged our existing contracts and clinical systems thereby creating the single organisation that our teams had envisioned, serving over 53,000 people across Sandwell.
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Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
On the 1st April 2020 YHP became part of the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust (SWB), forming our own directorate with the Trust alongside Great Bridge and Lyndon Health Centres; Your Health Partnership Primary Care Network.

YHP has always been an innovative GP Practice and has worked very hard to bring together different elements of the health service, to break-down some of the barriers that exist between family doctors and hospitals; between physical and mental health; between health and social care.

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust is an integrated care organisation. We are dedicated to improving the lives of local people, to maintaining an outstanding reputation for teaching and education, and to embedding innovation and research.
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